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100% seamless fully-digital bank account opening

Bank Hapoalim


Android / iOS

UX/UI . Animation . Visual


As the leading bank in Israel, the goal was to create an Israeli-first user-centric mobile app aimed at revolutionizing the traditional process of opening a bank account.

We wanted to simplify and streamline the onboarding experience, making it intuitive and accessible for people anywhere, anytime.


Easy-to-Use Setup

We've got a simple and user-friendly design to help new clients smoothly open their account - just a breeze.


Snap and Verify Docs

Our system seamlessly checks users ID docs in real-time. No waiting around – it's quick and validated instantly.


A Personal Helper

We're here all the way! Get in-app tips and guidance at each step to make the experience top-notch.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

The usual way of getting a bank account means clients gotta show up at a branch, sign through a bunch of paperwork, and deal with all kinds of complicated stuff. Here's what we're up against:

Making Things Less Complicated

We want users to do all the tricky bank stuff without needing a human guide. How do we make it crystal clear while still following all those financial rules?

Safety First

We're balancing making things easy for clients with keeping things super secure. It's a tightrope walk, but we're on it.


All Ages and Tech Levels

We're reaching out to people aged 16 to 80, whether they're chillin' on the couch or riding the bus to work. And we've got to think about everyone's different levels of tech know-how too.


Designing with users in Mind

We didn't just wing it – we did some real talk with users to get what they needed, what they expected, and where it hurt. That's how we made this design all about them.

Try and Try Again

We didn't get it right the first time, and that's cool. We tried things out, got user feedback, and went back to the drawing board. This back-and-forth made sure the app turned out just like users wanted it.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I wasn’t a solo player. Teamed up with the tech guys and the bigwigs in charge. It was a tag team effort, making sure what we designed actually happened, facing challenges together and coming up with solutions.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

We wanted users to feel like a champ every step of the way, so we focused on making everything super easy and boosting their confidence.

Simplified Steps

We didn't want users jumping through hoops to open an account. We cut down the steps and made it easy-peasy – a no-brainer kind of thing.

Spilling the Beans Gradually

We didn't dump all the info at once. We spilled the beans bit by bit to keep things simple. Started with the "need-to-know" stuff first, so users wouldn't get annoyed or ditch the process.

We're All Ears

We didn't just guess what users needed – we talked to a bunch of people to get the lowdown on what they like. This way, our design fits most, not just a select few.


Looks Good, Feels Good

Keeping it easy on the eyes, sticking with the bank's red vibe.

Banking with a Smile

We're talking bank stuff, but not in the boring way. We used simple, everyday language – maybe threw in a joke or two. Still, we followed all those rulebook things.

Smooth Sailing

We made sure users always know where they’re at and what to do next. No head-scratching moments.

Oops Happen

Mistakes aren't the end of the world. We made sure if something went wrong, we'd guide users through it with an easy fix.

Moving and Grooving

We added some cool animations and icons to keep things flowing smoothly – like a breeze. Fast and fluid, just how users like it.

Idan Israeli product design

When people sign up for a new bank account, there's a bunch of questions coming their way – all sorts! I threw in different styles like typing stuff, sliding bars, flipping toggles, and using cards. It was all about getting the info we absolutely needed while making sure the ride is smooth.

No Guessing Games

I added this cool thing where if you made a mistake, I'd let you know right away. It's like having a buddy who keeps you on track, making sure there are no hiccups in the process.


We wanted the login to be super secure but not a pain.

So, we added facial recognition and photo scanning abilities.

When I was designing this, I wanted the users to feel like they knew what was going on. I threw in some helpful text to explain things and tried to cut down on anything that might leave them wondering. It's all about making the user feel in control and confident as they go along.


I made sure there's help popping up at every turn. If you're stuck or just want a hand, you can easily get help or reach out to support.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Even when things go south, we make sure it's not a bummer. Whether it's a stop sign or a little heads-up, it's gotta look and sound good. I tried to keep it real – informative, but not too serious, maybe even a bit funny.


When all is done with the signup stuff, it should feel like a little victory. So, I threw in a party animation to make the new client feel awesome. Plus, I made sure they get all the important details about their new account and what's up next. Time to celebrate our success! 


This app is all about the client– designed with users in mind, making waves in the digital banking scene. And guess what? Right out the gate, it's smashing records:

Loads of New Accounts

In the first month alone, more folks opened accounts on the app than in three branches put together.

Speedy Sign-Ups

No more dragging it out – our app gets you set up in an average of just 11 minutes.

Boosting Branch Team Power

By cutting down the in-person work, our app gives branch employees more time to shine. They're loving it!

Idan Israeli product design
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