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Empowering Colleagues to Share Updates, Stay Informed, and be Engaged

BNY Mellon


Android / iOS

UX/UI . Visual


In the wild world of corporate banking, talking and working together is key to winning.

We gotta have one spot where we all chat, share what we know, and build our own little work community.


*BNY Mellon is a global financial services company with almost 50,000 folks spread out in more than 35 countries.


Hamilton's should be the main spot where we all throw in updates, ideas, and what we're up to. It's all about smashing those communication walls and making our work world open and team-friendly.

Here's what we do on the app:

  • Hang out and work together with our colleagues.

  • Keep tabs on what everyone's thinking and doing.

  • Share updates easily and stay in the loop with others.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Make it personal, in a corporate:

Even though this app is for all 50k of bank’s employees, it's gotta feel like your own little personal tech sidekick.

Get everyone in on the fun:

For this app to be worth it, we need everyone using it regularly. If folks aren't posting, joining groups, or talking with others, then it's just taking up space. So, let's make sure there's a good reason to keep using it.

Bring the good stuff:

Users won't stick around if they’re not getting something out of it. This app needs to give users value, or they’re out.

New Tricks for the Old Banking Dog:

Banks usually stick to the old web ways with their tech. But guess what? This was one of the first times we brought the bank into the mobile game. We had to shake things up, use the right tech, and find the best way to make it all happen.


Easy social vibes:

Went for the classic scroll-down feed 'cause, let's be real, that's what most people are used to. Simple and easy to get the info you need.

Quick post button:

We want users to share what's on their mind, so we've got this cool button that stands out and makes posting a breeze.

Sharing smarts and exploring:

Now you can tag other users or groups, linking up posts, people, and topics. It's like your own info treasure hunt.

Team up and get chatting:

We've got all the social goodies – comments, likes, tags, polls, you name it. And we kicked it up a notch with some coolness like competitions and loyalty points to keep everyone hooked.

Idan Israeli product design

Tailored news:

We're using some tech magic to give users a feed that's all about them. No more random stuff – just updates from colleagues, groups, and the topics they care about.

Say what's on your mind:

Now, users can easily share their thoughts, updates, and what they’re up to. Keep everyone in the loop and chatting in the corporate banking gang.

See the day at a glance:

While scrolling, we added a handy sticky header showing the day of the posts. Each post gets a color tag on the left so users know what's up.

Get in the action:

Don't just scroll – show some love! Like and reply to posts, and let's keep the engagement levels through the roof.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Now employees can follow their colleagues, know what they're up to, and make those work connections. It's like building your own professional network right here.

Looking for a group or some team buddies?

Easy peasy! Users can follow a whole group, all its members, or just pick their faves. It's like a cool exploration journey – find a group you like, check out the members, dive into individual profiles, and keep going back and forth. It's all connected for a smooth ride!

Idan Israeli product design

We're giving users the lowdown on how they’re doing each day. They can look back, see what they posted, and figure out where they missed out.

Keep it real!


A user can check out all past posts and see how they’re doing in the participation game right on the user’s profile page. And if they want the full scoop – mentions, who they’re following, and who's following them – head over to the info & stats page.

Users can keep tabs on their connections and tweak personal info whenever you want. It's all right there.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Posting just got super easy with this mobile app! We've made sure users have the coolest space to post updates effortlessly. They can keep it simple with a text update, tag their buddies or groups, or if they’re feeling fancy, go all out with some cool features.

Adding images

Choose from the device or snap a pic on the spot. Users can still throw in some text or tag their location or pals while they’re at it. It's all about making the post pop! 


Now users can throw together a poll to get their colleagues chatting more. We've kept it super user-friendly, giving them all the options without the headache. Ask a question, toss in up to 6 choices – edit or trash them later, their call. And for the pros, we've got advanced settings like single or multiple picks, tweaking the choices, showing results, and setting how long the poll lasts.

Once the user gets their poll cooking, we'll keep them in the loop – ongoing, voted, or closed. And when it's decision time, check out the results displayed as a filling bar, with or without percentage, depending on how they want it.

Let the polling party begin!


Tailoring the user experience to individual preferences with a visually pleasing light mode and a sleek dark mode for enhanced accessibility, especially during extended work hours.


Team Power-Up

Teams are now more connected than ever, breaking down barriers and collaborating seamlessly.

Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop, creating a dynamic and engaged work environment.


Knowledge Sharing Boost

Colleagues are actively sharing insights and experiences, making our workplace more informed and innovative.

Gamified features and recognition have turned sharing into a fun and rewarding experience.

Community Vibes

Groups and topics are buzzing with discussions, enhancing teamwork and cross-functional communication.

The app has brought us closer, fostering a positive workplace culture.

Idan Israeli product design
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