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Reinventing Operational Excellence for eCommerce

Octup (start-up)

2022 - Ongoing

Web / Mobile Responsive

UX/UI . Visual . Brand


Octup totally changes the game for managing your online store. It brings all your data from different places together in one spot, giving you a full view of how your brand's doing. And get this – it uses smart AI stuff to turn that data into real-time insights that actually make sense. Your brand team can use these insights to make smart moves and rock it in every area. No more jumping around between platforms – Octup's got you covered in one go.


Ecommerce brands deal with a real headache – handling data from all over, and every platform has its own weird set of numbers. They're logging into at least six different platforms every day, but the data's a mess – all over the place and not giving the full picture. Managers end up wasting loads of time just trying to piece together reports, guessing what's missing, and hoping it helps grow the business. It's a real struggle.

SAAS platform for web and mobile


Work in sync

Make sure Octup easily connects with different sources like your online store, marketing platforms, and other important systems.

Keep it simple for users

It's all about giving users the most power without making things complicated. Our interface is super easy to use and understand.

Stay ahead of the rest

We're always updating Octup with fresh features that match what's hot in the industry. We're not followers; we like to be trendsetters.

Help brands thrive

Octup looks at your whole business to find hidden opportunities. We help teams work better together, saving time and money, so your brand can grow like never before.

Idan Israeli product design

Tackling the Data Puzzle

Getting data from different parts of a company to play nice together is not an easy task. Each system speaks its own language, which can be a headache to translate.

Making It User-Friendly

We want our platform to be as easy to use as your favorite app, but with the power to handle all your business needs. That means striking a balance between simplicity and functionality.

Growing Pains

As more people jump on board and the data piles up, we've gotta make sure our platform can keep up. Think multiple stores, languages, currencies, and user roles—all without breaking a sweat.

DIY Onboarding

We want users to hit the ground running with our platform. That means making it super simple to get started and showing them the ropes along the way.


User Research

I dove into and talked to real users, while also checking out the competition. The goal? To figure out exactly what pros need, what bugs them, and what they prefer. As I went along, gathered user-feedback using interactive prototypes.

Information Organization

We sorted out all the info in a way that makes sense, so users can zip around the platform without getting lost.

Designing for Easy Browsing

The design is straightforward and user-friendly, making even the trickiest stuff easy to understand. Plus, I kept everything looking sharp and consistent, with icons, colors, and text that just make sense.

Make It Yours

We let users tweak their dashboards, reports, and all the important stats to fit their style. And we made sure there's enough wiggle room in the settings to handle whatever a business throws our way.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Complete business visibility, smart actionable insights and task management - all in a single login.

Octup tackles problems directly with all-in-one solutions.

Our platform breaks down data barriers and allows different business departments talk to one another.


By connecting a brand's online store with other apps, we gather all their cross-business data in one location and provide immediate, valuable insights.

This enables users to create tasks for the team, manage them effectively, and track progress, ultimately driving business improvement and growth.


Design magic! combining realism with a sleek, clean vibe.

The soft shadows and smooth gradients make everything pop, creating a user-friendly experience that's easy on the eyes. It's not just a look; it's an intuitive journey through a modern, standout interface that sets us apart from the rest.


No confusing spreadsheets here, just easy-to-read charts and graphs that tell a story.

I've picked the perfect chart for each data set, using colors that stand out. Legends are there to make things crystal clear – whether it's a line chart or doughnut. Hover over a chart, and boom! A tooltip pops up with all the info you need for that specific point.

Idan Israeli product design

Dive in hassle-free!

Our easy self-serve setup is like online shopping – no tech jargon, just a smooth ride. I've kept it minimal but covered all bases, from email checks to password setups and verification. It's designed to be comfy and straightforward, with a friendly tone and your progress in sight.

Let's get your journey started!


Your go-to buddy at Octup.

I’ve designed him to not only enhance our brand but also to inject a bit of humanity into this complicated business scene.

Smart yet laid-back, dependable but easygoing and fun.

Octy's versatile—whether it's grabbing eyeballs, adding a touch of humor to a serious moment, or just keeping things down-to-earth.

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

Everything should always be accessible.

I aimed to make as many things accessible from anywhere and easy to understand and achieved this by using text, tooltip explanations on hover, breadcrumbs, etc.

For instance, users can open a metric, choose a different one from the dropdown inside, all without closing and reopening. I strived to keep users in context by simplifying the user experience as much as possible.


Make a cup of coffee (or tea) and start the day right by peeking at your store's daily report – a quick roundup of what really matters.

Octup keeps it simple, giving users the lowdown on key metrics that keep their business ticking. From sales to customer vibes, it's the no-nonsense info they need to boss their day. Stay sharp, stay informed!

Idan Israeli product design

Dive into product specifics and logistics costs, easily adding or tweaking costs - packaged for a smooth user experience.

Think of it like slipping on a pair of x-ray specs to see exactly how much each product sets you back, versus what you're selling it for.

We've made it easy for you to punch in costs manually, upload an invoice file, or link up with a new system.

Dive into each product for a closer look, and uncover all the juicy details about inventory and sales.​

Idan Israeli product design
Idan Israeli product design

The trick is to pack in as much info as we can while keeping it short and sweet.

In a system this complex, it's crucial to keep users informed about what went wrong and how to sort it out.

Don't leave them hanging.

Sometimes you need to be subtle, other times you gotta be straight-up bold to make sure the user catches your drift. It's all about finding that sweet spot.

I've designed a bunch of different components for various situations, adapting to different page layouts, user situations, and contexts.


Octup is more than just a platform;

it's a transformative force for ecommerce brands.

Elevate your operations and marketing strategies by embracing a holistic, data-driven approach. With Octup, a brand doesn’t need to  just keep up; it's leading the way in the dynamic world of ecommerce. 

After the launch some clients saw an increase in revenue, others were able to save up to $50k per month after discovering fees and costs they were not aware of.

Idan Israeli product design
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