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Open (by Bank Hapoalim)

New Account Opening | 2019


For the first time in Israel, opening a bank account has become easy.

100% fully digital process that takes around 7 minutes,

without troubling yourself to a branch or even talking over the phone with a banker.

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UI . Co-UX . Motion & Animation



It's for everyone

As the biggest bank in Israel, we needed to approach a wide rage of people, ages 16 to 80, sitting on the couch at home or commuting to work on the train.

Be "one of the guys" but still a Bank

How do you come across as clear as possible and still stick to all the financial demands and regulations?

The Bank's goal is for the user to complete a complex bank procedure without having to contact a human banker.

Technology can be beautiful

We needed to use advanced technology for ID scan and face recognition as well as keeping in check with the Bank's systems and limitation.


Easy on the eye

Keep a neutral look and feel while still using the Bank's red colour as a dominant colour.

Talk as a Bank, a friendly Bank

We used a simple, easy to understand language (sometimes playful) as much as possible under sticks regulations constrains.

Logical flow

Made sure the users will always have an understanding of where they are and what to do next.

Errors do happen

We took care of errors and pain points so they are delivered lightly, always presenting an alternate route,

Motion delights

Animated transitions and icons where used to keep everything continuous and nice, to make the user feel the process is fluid and fast.

Hierarchy and good balance

Big focus was on finding the balance between meeting user's expectations while providing important Bank info.

This was accomplished by using big simplistic icons, good hierarchy and a clear call-to-action button.

Asking questions needs to be done right

Opening a new Bank account has to include a lot of questions,

from all kinds.

I used various components: input text fields, sliders, toggles and cards. 

All were used in order to collect the must-have information while trying to deliver the best User Experience possible.

It's all in the cards

Somewhere in the start of the process, the user must be presented with a must-answer "less friendly" questions.

By using animated cards the user gets a better experience and feels at ease. The cards move in and out based on the user's answer.

Also, the icon on the card in animated so it helps accept the "harsh" questions a little better.

The use of cards throughout the process gives the proper background for all the content to be shown, as well as the flexibility needed due to the amount of content and different device resolutions.

Even a dead-end sign needs to look good

In case the user gets to an end-point, come up with an error or shown a notification, it needs to look and sound good in order to be received better.

I tried to be informative and at the same time light and humorous.

It's time to celebrate!

At the end, the user deserves a happy moment.

I created a party animation to give the users their delight moment together with all the very important information regarding their new account and what to do next.

A proper ending to a massive and very challenging design process.

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