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Staff rating App | 2019


There are a lot of restaurant rating Apps but not some much for rating the service they receive.

WaitRate is a waiter-rating app for customers to rate their waiter based on service parameters such as knowledge, niceness and speed.


UI . UX . Motion & Animation




Customers are given the chance to have a meaningful impact by rating the waiter/waitress and be rewarded for it (via a coupon, discount or gifts).


Waiters will get real indication from clients, they can see how they rate based on service-categories, view how they preform compared to their friends, read the good and bad feedback and even print or share them for future reference when looking for the next job.


Owners can see exactly strong/weak workers, get them rewarded or ask them to step up their game.

This is a vast improvement to the restaurant's productivity.


Keep it neutral

The App needed to be appealing and inviting, so users feel comfortable and happy to use it.

Fast rating

4 main rating categories for a quick process.

Simply put, visually related to the waiter's avatar and an easy to use 5-star rating system.

Simple navigation

Diners are taken straight into the flow, after rating is done they can see previous rating or watch and use coupons.

Meet your waiter

The isometric characters are used to show a somewhat realistic visual of the waiter without getting into detail. Makes it just a little more personal.

Be smart

Waitrate detects the exact bill and waiter when the QR code is scanned. It can also suggest a restaurant based on location.

A look into the past

Diners can watch previous ratings, see how much they paid and tipped, and of course see who served them and how they were rated.

They can also ask to reserve a seat and ask for the same waiter.

Feedback is key

We tried asking softly since Diners are here just because they are being nice.

All feedbacks go into the waiter's App (see below)

Smart scan

The best way to start is by scanning the QR code on the bill. The customer will be directly taken to their waiter's rating process.

If the customer chooses to login manually they are presented with the nearest located restaurant or can search for one in case it's not shown.


Designed in orange instead of green, to make it different from the Customers App.

Waiters get all the tools they need in order to improve: See ratings compared to the average (decided by category).

They can see the rating over time and set its period, in the feedback section they can see al comments and print them out or share.

On the home feed, waiters can see the current day stats, how many people rated them and the average rating.

They also get highlight of the best and worse feedbacks, and even a smart insight on how they can improve their service.

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