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Order a taxi App | 2018


An easy to use taxi ordering app, making it fast and intuitive.

A lot of attention was given to creating the best user-flow, with minimal friction points and worries for the client. 


UI . UX . Brand . Motion & Animation


There are a lot of taxi apps, this one tries to make it a little more intuitive to order a taxi. People need to be able to quickly input their destination and choose from available taxis.


Another challenge was to make it easy to change the pickup location (by default is the current one) and also change the time for future pickups.

Also, credibility and trust always play a huge role when a stranger is picking you up, so a well presented, transparent driver profile also needs to be accessible with ease.

Straight to the point

Identifying your current location and a big input field to enter the destination.


Smart and flexible

You can choose from saved places or change the pickup point.



Bottom Dial

Making sure the action area is at the tip of your thumb.

Know your driver

A very important feature is to have as much information about the driver, so passengers feel safe and assured. Here the user can see when the driver started working with us, see his general score given by fellow passengers, and read feedbacks.

Know your way

Passenger is getting notified on taxi's arrival time. After the passengers are on board, they get an updated map route, indicating arrival time, distance and cost - updating live as they go. At arrival, they get a summary of the current ride, and a chance to rate the driver, write feedback or add a tip.

Get ready for pickup

Just before you approve the pickup, here is the ride's summary: pickup and destination locations, times, costs and driver information. Transparency is so important - we give you all the information you need before your decision.

Got there! Great.

It's a small happy moment when arriving safely and on time at your destination. A picture of the relevant location is shown along with a bottom line for this ride (time/distance/cost).

Also, passenger is given the chance to rate the driver on a star-based system, write feedback and even add a tip in case they are happy with the service.

Payment is fast, easy and secured

Upon initial registration, users can input their Credit Card information and they will be charged for the ride automatically. They can always choose to pay cash if they want to, or change the credit card details.

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